What to Consider Before Buying a House?
What to Consider Before Buying a House?
We listed the follow-up procedures during buying a house one by one.

What to Consider Before Buying a House?


We listed the steps that needed to be followed during buying a house under descriptive titles.


If you are first-time buyer, it is substantially important find house alternatives fitting your budget limits and to make a delicate comparison among these real estates.

Other fundamental issues related with buying a house are having residential permit, conformity with the requirements of mortgage, existence of no any bank seizure over the real estate, residential registration at the land deed record, deed with property ownership record, 80% completion rate if it is going to be purchased from project phase and mortgage will be used in the purchase.

How about what to pay attention before buying a house?

Before making your decision about the home you ant, you need to consider following issues:

1- Investigate the similar alternative homes in the region thoroughly
2- Conformity of the general characteristics of your potential home with your budget
3- Natural disaster history of the location of your potential home and its conformity with the relevant standards
4- Size of the house, determining effective gross and net utility areas
5- Number of floors
6- If house is sold from the project phase, examining the previous projects of the construction company if there is any
7- Checking the durability of the exterior insulation against extraordinary natural conditions, rain, heat etc., paying attention to preventing rain water, humidity and condensation
8- Checking interior characteristics of the house; general utility of floor, glass, balcony, closet, and kitchen
9- Heating
10- Checking electricity / piping infrastructure for smooth functioning