A Message from the Chairman
A Message from the Chairman

Dear Business Partners of FUYAPI,
Our Valuable Employees and Friends;


As FUYAPI AŞ, our motto for years, "Creating a living space, not a building", has brought us the success of becoming a preferred and recommended brand. We are happy about the interest shown by our guests from both domestic and abroad to our residences. We will continue on our way by increasing our service level every day and embracing innovations and changes. By adhering strictly to our corporate values, we will constantly renew and develop our strategies, business lines and organization. We will continue our determination to be a solid, reliable and profitable company.

Providing added value to our region and Turkey in the development of FUYAPI is the biggest basis of our work. Our belief in our country's fertile lands, cultural figures and people motivates us. Although we have been a young brand since the day we were founded, we continued our investments without a break, especially during the pandemic period, and devoted ourselves to continuous work and production.

We will continue to invest in our country within the framework of our solid and sustainable growth targets. While planning our investments, we will use the energy and experience of our human resources, our commitment to corporate functioning and our financial power. We will especially combine the current knowledge of our young employees with our brand memory.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who set out with us and those who stood by us, our team, our suppliers, and our friends whose moral support we always felt.

Adding value to life with its products will be FUYAPI's permanent goal.

With all respect…



Chairman of the Board