Public Announcement and Information Disclosure

1.  PDPL and Clarification Text
As (From now on referred as “Web Site”) we kindly present the Clarification Text prepared in accordance with the 10th article of the law with 6698th serial number (“the Law”) and which contains information about the data processing activities of the Web Site to the interest of the public opinion.
1.1. Data Supervisor
Your personal data is processed by the Data Supervisor within the scope of the objective of the Web Site given below.
You can contact with the Data Supervisor through following channels:

1.2. The Purpose of Personal Data Processing
The Personal Data is processed by our part under following objectives: 

  • Maintaining human resources operations
  • Corporate communication 
  • Ensuring security of the Web Site
  • Implementing statistical works
  • Implementing works and processes as a result of the executed contracts and protocols
  • Ensuring complying with the legal requirements 
  • Sustaining contact with business relationship with the legal and real persons through the Web Site
  • Performing legal reporting
  • Conforming with the legal requirement against the future legal claims and collect evidence. 

1.3. The Parties to whom the personal data could be transferred and Transfering
Within scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes set forth by the 8th and 9th articles of the PDPL personal data collection and processing, in order to personalize products and services offered for customers through the Web Site according to the relevant person’s interest, usage habits, and needs to offer and promote them better service, planning and implementing necessary activities, to perform necessary works by the concerned departments to ensure usage of the products and services given by the Web Site to the relevant persons, to perform necessary works and maintaining relevant work processes by the concerned departments in order to execute commercial activities held by the Web Site, to plan and execute the commercial and/or business strategies of the Web Site and to share these personal data with business partners and suppliers of the Web Site, authorized domestic or foreign public organizations, authorities, and private legally authorized organizations in order to ensure legal, technical and commercial safety of the relevant legal and real persons.

1.4. Personal Data Collection Methods and Legal Reasons
Personal data is collected by electronic environments such as web sites, mobile applications, and information forms in social domains, the applications that can be downloaded on smart phones or by physical environments. Legal reasons about collection and process of the Personal data are given below:

  • The necessity of storing Personal Data is directly related with the establishment and execution of contracts,
  • Storage of Personal Data to establish, utility or protection of a certain right,
  • The necessity of storing Personal Data for legitimate natural benefits of the Web Site on the condition that it would not harm fundamental rights or freedom of persons
  • Storage of Personal Data to sustain any legal obligation of the Web Site
  • There is apparent enforcement within the relevant legislation about the storage of Personal Data
  • Existence of clear consent of data owners in terms of data storage activities requiring clear consent of data owners

1.5. Personal Rights
The person whose personal data is processed is referred as “the Relevant Person”, and they are deemed to have following rights below as they administered to the Web Site;

  • To learn whether their Personal Data is processed
  • If Personal Data was processed, to demand information about it
  • To learn the purpose of the processing their Personal Data and whether they are being used accordingly
  • To learn domestic or international third parties to whom their Personal Data is transferred
  • To request amendment of the Personal Data if it is processed mistakenly or missing
  • To request destruction or erase of the Personal Data; and to notify the third parties to whom transferred such data about the processes conducted in accordance with the (e) and (f) items,
  • To object any negative result that may occur through the analysis of processed data by means of the automated systems on regular base
  • To demand compensation of any harm or damage that they incur as a result of illegal processing of the Personal Data

I am giving my clear consent, in relation with the hereby Customer Clear Consent Text, to process my Personal Data in the context given above and to be transferred to the parties mentioned above under no any influence by reading Customer Clarification Text.

“Fuyapı Boya İzolasyon İnş. San. ve Tic. AŞ”