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Terms of Use
Dear visitor, please read carefully hereby terms of use before visiting web site. Your access to the Web Site is completely depending on your acceptance of hereby contract and your compliance with the conditions mentioned herein. In case you do not accept any condition in hereby contract, please terminate your access to the Web Site. If you continue your browsing in the Web Site, please do not forget that you fully accept hereby contract unconditionally and entirely. Web Site is managed by FU Yapi, and will be referred as FU Yapı from now on. Terms of Use relevant with hereby Web Site will take effect as soon as they are published. The right to make an amendment belong to FU Yapı solely; and all users are deemed to accept these amendments that will be shared over FU Yapı daily.

Confidentiality is existed in another page to manage fundamentals of processing of your Personal Data by our part. If you use FU Yapı, you are deemed to accept this data processing is conducted in accordance with the confidentiality policy.

Scope of the Service
As FU Yapı, we are totally free to determine the scope and quality of the services that we will offer within the framework of the law; amendments about these services will take effect upon their publish in FU Yapı.

Intellectual Property
All texts, codes, graphics, logos, visuals, voice files, and software published in FU Yapı are property of (from now on it is referred as "content") FU Yapı; and all rights are reserved. Any duplication is strictly prohibited without written consent.

General Provisions
All users guarantee that they are going to use the Web Site only for lawful reasons and for their personal objectives; and that they do not act in a way that they harm any third parties’ rights. Any legal consequences and penalties related with their actions within the Web Site are in their responsibility. Web Site could not be held accountable directly and/or indirectly about the actions mentioned above for the damages experienced or that may be experienced by the third parties.
We are spending our utmost effort to ensure accuracy and updated nature of the information published at the Web Site. However, in spite of our efforts, this information could fall short behind the actual changes; or there might be certain differences. Accordingly, accuracy or updated nature of the information within the Web Site are not clearly or personally guaranteed by our part. No any relevant guarantee is given.
There could be hyperlinks from our Web Site to other websites, platforms, applications that may not be known by our part or operated by third parties. The Web Site only allows accessing these websites and accepts no any relevant responsibility about their content.
Even though we do our best to keep the Web Site disinfected from viruses, we could not guarantee that there is no any virus. Therefore, taking necessary measures during downloading is in responsibility of users. We do not accept any responsibility with the harms or damages that could be caused by viruses and similar malwares, programs, codes or materials.
We also do not guarantee that there will not be mistake or error with the services given in the Web Site or that they would be given uninterruptedly. We may terminate your access to Web Site or any services given herein completely or partially without giving prior notice at any time.

Restriction of Responsibility
Our responsibility with the consequences of using the Web Site is limited with wrongful intention and heavy negligence. In any harms caused by breech of hereby contract, the total compensation that could be requested is limited with the foreseeable damages. These responsibility limitations mentioned above are not valid in cases of damages that could happen to human life, bodily injury, or to anyone’s health. In all circumstances deemed to be force majeure, we will not be held accountable for compensation against occurring any delay, failure to execute, or default.